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Computer Engineering and IT
• Artificial Intelligence
• Software Engineering
• Computer Architecture
• IT and ICT Engineering
• Networking Engineering
• Algorithms and Calculations

Computer Engineering and IT
• Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
• Computer Graphics and Simulating
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
• Multimedia systems,Game Engines and Animation
• E-Commerce,E-government,E-Learning,E-Business

Electrical Engineering
• Wireless Communications
• Mobile and Wireless Networking
• Communication Theory
• Signal Processing for Communications
• Communication QoS,Reliability & Modeling
• Next-Generation Networking
• Communication and Information Systems Security
• Antenna Analysis and Design
• Radar Meteorology
• Microwave,Millimeter and Nanometer Components-
   Devices and Circuits

Biomedical Engineering
• Tele-Medicine,Tele-Surgery,Tele-Robotics
• Biomechatronics
• Bioinformatics
• Biophotonics
• Bioinstrumentation,Biosensors & Bio-Micro/Nano-
• Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
• Biorobotics
• Healthcare Information Systems & Telemedicine
• Body Area/Sensor Networks
• Bio-inspired,Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems

Electrical Engineering
• Solid-State Circuits and Systems
• Analog and Digital Signal Processing
• Semiconductor Manufacturing 
& Modeling/Simulation
• Computer Aided Design (CAD)
• Optoelectronics
• Photonics

• Power Electronics
• Smart‐Grid
• Power Quality
• Electrical Machines and Drivers
• Energy Management
• Protection
• Cyber and Physical Security Systems
• Microgrids
• Policy and Economics
• Power System Planning,Monitoring and Control

• System Modeling,Simulation and Control
• Artificial Intelligence
• Process Control & Automation
• Networked Control
• Robotics
• Intelligent systems and methods
• Signal Processing

Mechatronics Engineering
• Dynamics,Vibration and Control
• Intelligent Robotics,Mechatronics
• Applied Mechanics (Bio,Micro,Nano)
• Sensor & Calibration and Instrumentation
• Simulation,Modeling and  Mechanism Design
Mechatronics Engineering
• HVAC,Transportation and Automotive
• Renewable Energy (Green) and Environment
• Biomedical Engineering,Biomaterials
• Manufacturing,Automation and Industrial Applications


  4th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Engineering and Innovation (KBEI-2017)
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Important Dates
Submission Deadline:
Nov. 01st 2017 Nov. 21st 2017

Notification of Acceptance Date:
Nov. 28th 2017

Final Registration Deadline:

Nov. 30th 2017

Conference Dates:
Dec. 22th 2017